Competition Barbecue Team Information

The competition is now full; however, feel free to send in your team application to be put on the waiting list!!

The entry fee is $200 per team, which includes:

  1. A designated cooking space for Friday and Saturday
  2. Five (5) weekend passes to the festival activities (additional passes can be purchased if you have more team members)
  3. Two (2) team T-shirts (if you need more then let us know how many and what size).

This competition will be performed in accordance with South Carolina BBQ Association Rules and Regulations. The meats will be provided to each team and are included in the entry fee for the event. The categories will be Butts and Ribs. Your team can do either or both of the categories.

Download The Team Application

Download SC BBQ Association Rules & Regulations

Competitions & Prizes

Friday Night Wing Competition

Winner: $500

Boston ButtS and Ribs

Overall 1st Place: $2,000
Overall 2nd Place: $1,500
Overall 3rd Place: $1,000
Overall champions accumulate the best combined scores from both categories.

Individual Category 1st Place: $500
Individual Category 2nd Place: $300
Individual Category 3rd Place: $200

*In addition, there will be a side brisket competition. If interested, please contact us at for more details.

2019 Hog Fest Teams

  1. BASTIE BOYZ - William Cribb - Spartanburg, SC (3rd Year)
  2. Better BBQ - Gerald Ledbetter - Charlotte, NC (1st Year)
  3. Bro-B-Que - Jerry Ellis - Inman, SC (1st Year)
  4. Bucky's BBQ - Wayne Preston - Greenville, SC (5th Year)
  5. Buds BBQ Shack - Andy Hethington - Spartanburg, SC (7th Year)
  6. Carolina Drum Line - Kevin Sullivan - Gaffney, SC (5th Year)
  7. Certified Meatheads - Walker Stockley - Clover, SC (7th Year)
  8. Chicka-Piga-Moo - Ronnie Bishop - Greenwood, SC (1st Year)
  9. Chow BBQ - Wes Davis - Asheville, NC (3rd Year)
  10. Dozed & B’Qued - Jared Rikard - Spartanburg, SC (3rd Year)
  11. exQs Us - Brandon Hathaway - Simpsonville, SC (1st Year)
  12. Game of Bones - Travis Gregg - Spartanburg, SC (2nd Year)
  13. Hanging Smoke BBQ - Scott Isler - Boiling Springs, SC (5th Year)
  14. HORNS BBQ - Greg Ray - Greer, SC (4th Year)
  15. In the Army Que - Tony Sadler - Charlotte, NC (6th Year)
  16. J&C BBQ - Jamie Mintz - Spartanburg, SC (1st Year)
  17. John’s All Smoked Up BBQ - John Keener - Boiling Springs, SC (3rd Year)
  18. JW Cooks: Smoke ‘em if you Got ‘em - Jason Wallace - Inman, SC (1st Year)
  19. Lide’s Pride - Clay Williams - Greenville, SC (2nd Year)
  20.  Limp Brizkit - Max Gravlee - Greenville, SC (5th Year)
  21. L J's BBQ and Catering - Lee Greer - Spartanburg, SC (7th Year)
  22. Notorious P.I.G. - Justin Knauff - Spartanburg, SC (1st Year)
  23.  Off the Grill BBQ - Seth Vaughn - Simpsonville, SC (1st Year)
  24. Old School BBQ - Termaine Williams - Spartanburg, SC (4th Year)
  25. Piglet Enemy - Jeff Martin - Moore, SC (5th Year)
  26. Pimp My Pig BBQ - Dean Price - Leesville, SC (1st Year)
  27. Pork Fat Rules Barbeque & Catering - Luke Pye - Inman, SC (7th Year)
  28. Revive BBQ - Chad Geary - Boiling Springs, SC (1st Year)
  29. Skyline BBQ - Rob Harris - Campobello, SC (1st Year)
  30. Smokey & The Bandits - Ray Frye - Roebuck, SC (1st Year)
  31. Smokin’ Han’s - Hannah Grant - Spartanburg, SC (1st Year)
  32. Southern Way / Water Solutions - Frank Jackson - Spartanburg, SC (7th Year)
  33. Squealy Dan - Ben Flack / West Jones - Greenville, SC (2nd Year)
  34. Sweet Meat BBQ - Jeff Smith - Moore, SC (2nd Year)
  35. Swine-Os - Grey Threadgill - Spartanburg, SC (3rd Year)
  36. Team RBQ - Ryan Mabus - Roebuck, SC (2nd Year)
  37. The Carolina Cookers - Kenneth (K.W.) Walden - Spartanburg, SC (1st Year)
  38. The Crooked Boar - Eddie Crook - Greer, SC (1st Year)
  39. The Hog Mafia - Morris Gray - Easley, SC - (4th Year)
  40. The Saucy Pig BBQ- James Davila - Greenville, SC (4th Year)
  41. Thin-Que-Line BBQ - Joey Guffey - Duncan, SC (1st Year)
  42. This Little Piggy Went to Ciclops - Michael Millen / Will Beeker - Spartanburg, SC (1st Year)
  43. Ultimate Tailgaters BBQ - Chris Fulmer - Aiken, SC (2nd Year)
  44.  Up All Knight BBQ - Ryan Lockwood - Simpsonville, SC (3rd Year)
  45. Upstate BBQ Group - Monier Abusaft - Spartanburg, SC (5th Year)

it's not just a competition — it's a great cause!

We are thrilled that you are excited about the Hub City Hog Fest, a barbecue contest to benefit Mobile Meals of Spartanburg, S.C. All proceeds from this event benefit Mobile Meals.

Since the the Hub City Hog Fest first started filling Downtown Spartanburg with the sweet, smoky smell of barbecue six years ago, it has raised more than $315,000 for Mobile Meals, and we hope to continue for many years to come. Please come out and not only have a lot of fun, but join with us in supporting this great organization and helping our community!


Mobile Meals

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